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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Google Instant Fortune Teller - Still imperfect, So don't ask for winning lottery numbers yet! "Coming Soon"

Google instant is amazing tool and it has three major features that has made this possible.

Prediction what is so good about this feature it predicts your intent by typing in the search box. and It shows in light gray what you might be looking for. It is inspired by users wanting to experiencing faster results to the query, questions of the searcher.

Scroll is also giving the option like multiple choices as you type in words and phrases to continually giving you options that you might also be looking.

Instant Results is like getting an turbo booster on your bicycle that you don't have to peddle to ride the bike, it is giving you power so much you can get your search results without pressing the search button.

This makes Google search experience with mobile phone a lot easier and convenient for the users Average Search can take 25 seconds, now with Google instant it is now fast by shortening the time of typing and pressing the search button and shortening the time wasted on browsing.

The amount of work to make this possible is incredible and we can appreciate the amazing results we have with Google instant. This design is based on the core User experience in mind and what is this mean to SEO, it means we must pay more attention to the user experience as Google is leading.

Where less is more, less navigating, less clicking, as Google study the user, the SEO must get dirty and study the User. The basic information like, monitoring clicks on your pictures and anchor text, and bounce rate, and is the theme matching with User. Is the call to action available for clear call to action.

The challenge I see with Google Instant is more moving distractions to the User that it might steer away from original intent. For example, when you type in the letter W, the bigger brand like Wal-Mart, or B will predict Best Buy... So as the small business you experience decrease in traffic if you have optimized your search for Best Electrons. For Adwords, the concern with impression numbers might have an effect. 

Is it possible too fast can have reverse effect just like hatching the chicken too early?

Quick Caution is to hold back on CPM marketing if you are new, the numbers might be excessive to where you may be paying too much for these feature. The rules they have is 3 second rule to be consider a impression, is this good or evil? Well knowing this rule is good, ignoring this rule can do evil on your campaign of budget.

Overall my experience is exciting and fun. It is like riding a new bike, Instant feedback, Instant validation, this small commitment, leads to larger commitment way of search powerful to bring confidence in the User along the way Real Time. It is like the silent angel, right next to you giving you the best possible wish you are asking in the very moment as you desire.

Many Thanks to Google and the Team for Google Instant.

P.S. Please do not use it for predicting your winning lottery number yet, but wait... they may be working on knowing your financial future within 25 seconds soon.

All you have to tell Google your financial history for last 5 years, I am sure they can tell you exactly your next financial future is going to be within 25 seconds.

Wanna know how? Easy & Instant!

If you don't change now with Google instant, it will be same or worse than last 5 years. If you change with Google instant you will grow together in an instant with Google.

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