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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Google Instant Fortune Teller - Still imperfect, So don't ask for winning lottery numbers yet! "Coming Soon"

Google instant is amazing tool and it has three major features that has made this possible.

Prediction what is so good about this feature it predicts your intent by typing in the search box. and It shows in light gray what you might be looking for. It is inspired by users wanting to experiencing faster results to the query, questions of the searcher.

Scroll is also giving the option like multiple choices as you type in words and phrases to continually giving you options that you might also be looking.

Instant Results is like getting an turbo booster on your bicycle that you don't have to peddle to ride the bike, it is giving you power so much you can get your search results without pressing the search button.

This makes Google search experience with mobile phone a lot easier and convenient for the users Average Search can take 25 seconds, now with Google instant it is now fast by shortening the time of typing and pressing the search button and shortening the time wasted on browsing.

The amount of work to make this possible is incredible and we can appreciate the amazing results we have with Google instant. This design is based on the core User experience in mind and what is this mean to SEO, it means we must pay more attention to the user experience as Google is leading.

Where less is more, less navigating, less clicking, as Google study the user, the SEO must get dirty and study the User. The basic information like, monitoring clicks on your pictures and anchor text, and bounce rate, and is the theme matching with User. Is the call to action available for clear call to action.

The challenge I see with Google Instant is more moving distractions to the User that it might steer away from original intent. For example, when you type in the letter W, the bigger brand like Wal-Mart, or B will predict Best Buy... So as the small business you experience decrease in traffic if you have optimized your search for Best Electrons. For Adwords, the concern with impression numbers might have an effect. 

Is it possible too fast can have reverse effect just like hatching the chicken too early?

Quick Caution is to hold back on CPM marketing if you are new, the numbers might be excessive to where you may be paying too much for these feature. The rules they have is 3 second rule to be consider a impression, is this good or evil? Well knowing this rule is good, ignoring this rule can do evil on your campaign of budget.

Overall my experience is exciting and fun. It is like riding a new bike, Instant feedback, Instant validation, this small commitment, leads to larger commitment way of search powerful to bring confidence in the User along the way Real Time. It is like the silent angel, right next to you giving you the best possible wish you are asking in the very moment as you desire.

Many Thanks to Google and the Team for Google Instant.

P.S. Please do not use it for predicting your winning lottery number yet, but wait... they may be working on knowing your financial future within 25 seconds soon.

All you have to tell Google your financial history for last 5 years, I am sure they can tell you exactly your next financial future is going to be within 25 seconds.

Wanna know how? Easy & Instant!

If you don't change now with Google instant, it will be same or worse than last 5 years. If you change with Google instant you will grow together in an instant with Google.

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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Your Space, Your Time, Your Power “Now Empowered by Google”

Great Idea as I saw on google updates: Drive innovation in public transport
Project funded: Shweeb is a concept for short to medium distance, urban personal transport, using human-powered vehicles on a monorail. Google is providing $1 million to fund research and development to test Shweeb’s technology for an urban setting.

More energy is with us than we need from other resources. This resourcefulness concept really exciting for me to acknowledge and contribute to help our future to have better place here for the children to come.
Save energy, get lean, feel great, no more getting stuck in traffic.

Welcome To (209) SEO-SAMS

Search Engine is fascinating engine and tools for the searcher of information that is design to cut down the gap between the question and answers of the searcher.  It is simple box but all it silently ask you to do is simply ASK and you shall Receive.  Now better you ask the better Answer you receive within seconds.  Now most search engine do not know exactly what you are looking for, they give you a multiple choices start with 10 organic answers and up to 10 paid advertisers answers.

Now here is your choice,

Top 10 organic answers are winners by association, by activity, by relevant to your questions you are having.  The #1 position on the left is called authority site and it has passed many quality rules to be the number one position.  The search engine is working behind the scene on your behave to bring the most relevant Answers to you by measuring and checking the bounce rate which means how long the visitor stay when the arrive at the website, the depth of pages the visitor go, and click through rate on the anchor text as well the buttons and images.

The more accurate the search engine can see the activity of the site, they can bring the highest performing site near to you asking the questions which will help you to receive the answers quickly.

Now the next Top 10 paid answers are winners by performance and quality and longevity and money paid. what is unique about the paid advertiser is they are in the business of making money as Thomas Edison will say “I do not invest in FREE stuff, to pay money means utility and useful.”  Business for provides utility and useful value and service continues to win the top 10 paid positions and it is worth your time to take a look at what real business is giving to continue to win the top 4 positions.
Now with new product and launches it is pretty hard to get a great answer but especially Google is armed with quality score system to ensure it meets transparency and relevant and click trough rate and bounce rate and longevity.   What is this all mean, it means the highest quality, and highest useful site stays in the game because low performing sites will get penalized by paying more, low ROI, low traffic, eventually out of the game by a slap.   Now what is this mean, to the searcher and the business, the searcher will see less irrelevant answer that sucks away time and let the business minimize the loss.

As a Search Engine Consultant.  I have seen the changes how the engine has been improved last 3 years.  It is learning human nature, behave, and pattern from simple question to answer.  It is working harder and harder to cut the time gap from your questions to having the answers you now want.  Unfortunately with multiple choice method from top 20 down to one is going to require your participation and patience to go through enough to get the answer what you want.  and it has the internet mall effect on the searchers.  It is like going to a mall to buy a shoe you need and you end up with car full of shopping on the way out.
What would be an ideal search engine today if we can experience right now.  I imagine fasting forward time, and thinking from the future will be like hands free search engine, where typing is not required.  either by voice or by choice and you can see the trend with bigger sites are already minimizing reading and typing.  Instant image to action and answers just like Microsoft did with windows. icon based search without the need of keyword and typing is not required to get the answers you want.  Picture icon speaks thousands of words and as you pay close attention to mobile market with iphone app you can see the icon search is becoming the new trend.

Now look at is another powerful search to answer by connecting with qualified and verified real live experts.  and as you can see with yahoo answers you can see how the answer is judged by searcher of the answers.  It used to be single user experience, now social experience, as you can see with Amazon reviews.  In Amazon reviews you can give a review unless you bought it, so as you read the review of the product you can get social answer to your search.

With Facebook fan page is powerful like attract like effect.  When like minded people gather together it gives instant social proof answers and the less thinking is require to going from search to answer.   Facebook is more transparent and community driven search with brings a powerful conversion for useful information.  The community can vote the business up of down with reasons, so the quality is higher with Facebook.  The power is with the people. and it only takes two or three to agree to shorten the gap to instant answers and it is happening right now we speak as you can see with Twitter.

YouTube has allowed the business professional to play powerful presentation over and over while the business is closed. It has enabled business to operate 24 hours a day. with one video, let’s say you hired a professional speaker to speak for your business to give a presentation for one hour and it cost you $2,000, now you can have it running not in one location, you can have the presentation to people’s home.  and multiple places at once.

Let’s say 10 people are watching, in 10 different locations. That is $20,000 value in the very hour. and now you had 100 view per day in multiple locations. Now you are leveraging $200,000 in one day.  The quality of the message is maintained the same, it has given the searcher the answers and call to actions to get their answers they want.  In one video, you can deliver useful value they are looking for it becomes the 24 hour trusted and faithful adviser and extension of your knowledge and skills right into their homes and business.

I am writing this as I am speaking to you and I want to thank you for taking your busy time to read and give the attention and energy here. The reason I write is because of you.  You are seeking, and I am just answering as you ask me.  It is natural to ask, call (209)-SEO-SAMS and leave a message to schedule an appointment for private SEO consultation for special events and happy occasions only.

Call me and I will answer and show great things you have not seen (Jer 33:3)
Robert Sams
Private SEO Consultant for Special Events